Katrell Mendenhall lives fashion, beauty, and entertainment daily with K Models Talent. Her resume proves it. Here are a few highlights that say… Lights, Camera, Passion! Katrell has ripped the runway of New York Fashion Week, toured as a model with Ebony Fashion Fair for 3 years beginning at age 19. Her role on Style network’s Chicagolicious gained her a fan base and on-camera experience outside of the runway. Katrell decided to further invest in herself in 2013 by developing a safe haven for models and actors with K Models Talent.

Tailored experience is what Katrell brings with K Models Talent. She didn’t create just another agency; she takes pride in offering her clients true guidance for the world of modeling and entertainment, and has a mission to turn dreams into reality. “I’m not only doing this because it’s what I love, I’m doing it because I wish I had someone give me this type of training when I got into the world of modeling 30+ years ago,” Katrell says.

Her vision is bigger than posing for paparazzi. Katrell prepares the person behind the passion for what they’re really up against – a shady industry of tough competition and heavy criticism. She teaches her clients everything from how to command the camera to dealing with the cutthroat reality of the business in a healthy manner. “Everyone isn’t going to be a star so you have to be passionate enough to do this because you love the craft, not for glitz and glamour,” Katrell says.
Hundreds of Katrell’s clients have successfully relocated to Los Angeles and New York after being under her tutelage and direction. She fights to create a stable path to success for her clients who are willing to be the designers’ creation, composers’ song, or transformed into that character in every script.

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